FAQ & Shop Policies

I don't see any items for sale on your website. Why is that and how can I order when they're available?

You may notice when visiting my site that there are no products listed for sale at that moment. As a handcrafted jewelry artist, I prepare my work in batches and release them periodically in my "drops," where they tend to get sold very quickly (I've been blessed with the most loyal and eager customers in the world!).

As a result, there are "waiting periods" in between my releases while I prepare for the next. This ensures that all products are made with care and attention to detail and quality.

I'll always post announcements ahead of the next releases on my site and on social media (at this time I don't have a newsletter). I typically don't do surprise drops, as I want to let my customers have a fair shot to prepare - so you'll always know!

For more info about how my releases work, you can see more on my Checkout Tips & Information Page.

Are your products hypoallergenic?

Yes! I always opt for nickel-free and lead-free metal (as I myself have sensitive skin), and the specific type will be inidcated in the product description. Metal varies depending on design, but will either be stainless steel or sterling silver, and anything gold will be gold-plated.

In some less common cases, I've used copper and brass findings for artistic reasons, but this is always indicated in the product description and I always ensure they are from trusted suppliers and are hypoallergenic.

Please note that the term "hypoallergenic" refers to metals that are least likely to cause issues for those with sensitive skin. You should always double check the type of metal finding used if you have specific metal allergies.

What are your shipping rates? Do you ship internationally (outside the United States)? 

Yes, I ship worldwide! Below is the current cost breakdown for all shipping:

*Please note that currently, shipping to Australia is very high due to VAT.

What's your processing time?

Unless otherwise stated in a product description, items will be packed and shipped within 14 business days. This allows for any potential "life" things that come up as I run my business as only one person.

Please keep in mind that USPS has been experiencing delays this year due to COVID-19. 

You will get an email when your order has shipped. I kindly ask that you please check your tracking before reaching out about your order - I only have as much information about where your package is as you do! 

What payment methods do you accept?

My site accepts credit card as well as payment through Apple Pay and PayPal! You will be given the option to select your preferred payment method in checkout.

You can learn more about the checkout process on my Checkout Tips & Info page!

Do you offer payment plans?

Unfortunately, at this time I'm unable to offer payment plans through my site, however Klarna is a popular payment plan option that you can set up on your end prior to ordering!

Do you offer customs or remakes of sold out pieces?

Unfortunately, I don't offer customs or remakes of previous items that are sold out. This is because I allot a certain amount of materials and time to each drop - and remaking old pieces can actually take longer, be more costly, and delay future updates. 

I ask that you please respect this - I'm not able to make exceptions, I'm sorry! 

Fortunately, if there is a certain collection you missed out on, there is a good chance I will restock it again or use elements of it in future pieces and new designs! 

For those who are interested in customizable pieces, I offer limited slots for "Build-Your-Own-Bouquets" (BYOBs) throughout the year, which allow you to customize your own burlap-wrapped bouquets with an arrangement of your choice! I will always give a heads up for when I plan to open these slots.

The best way to make sure you don't miss an update is to follow me on social media where I post details about future drops. Also, set an alarm! People tend to move through the site very quickly.

Do you offer wholesale options?

As much as I would love to, at this time I do not have the bandwidth or inventory to sell wholesale. 

How do you price your items?

There are several factors I consider when pricing my work. The first is time, which includes everything from the early prototyping and planning phase, to the sculpting process, to sanding and assembly, and finally to marketing the work.

The next is level of detail (which goes pretty hand-in-hand with the above). All of my pieces are completely hand-sculpted, which means that every petal, every leaf, every berry you see is molded and placed by hand. It can be a very timely and labor-intensive process (although I love it). 

I also factor in cost of materials, and other costs that come with the selling process and running my business.

Please note that items that are customizable or stylistically one-of-a-kind may be priced higher than others.

Shipping cost includes packaging time (sometimes I do complimentary personalized packaging depending on occasion), as well as packing materials to ensure that products are transported safely and don't get damaged in transit.

How do you ensure your products are durable?

By nature, polymer clay is strong, flexible, and hard to break. This said, since my pieces are very three-dimensional, I take extra steps to ensure my jewelry is durable.

All clay-to-clay bonds are solidified with Sculpey Bake and Bond, which upon baking, bonds polymerized clay so that it cannot be separated. All clay-to-metal bonds are solidified with UV resin, which upon curing with UV light, creates an ultra-tight bond stronger than super glue.

Any protruding parts such as pollen stamens are embedded with wire and baked into their respective clay pieces with Bake and Bond or liquid clay. 

Before I sell my products, I do "drop tests" on each item (sometimes accidental!), to ensure that each piece can withstand impact.

For extra care, I recommend following your care instructions included in orders, which includes storing at room temperature and traveling with your jewelry in a box. You can read more tips on my Jewelry Care page!

Are your pieces lightweight?

Typically, yes! Surprisingly, polymer clay is much lighter than it looks. I'm very conscious of the weight of the earrings I make as I myself cannot wear heavy earrings for long periods of time. 

Dimensions and weight measurements will be listed in the product description!

Do you offer clip-ons?

In certain instances, I do! If so, it will be indicated in the product description.

Please make sure you're ordering an item that's clip-on compatible if you plan to request this option.

To request clip-ons, please mention so in the notes section or email me after placing your order.

Please note that processing time may be longer if this option is selected.

Do you offer gold/silver switches?

Depending on the product, there are certain times I do offer an option for gold/silver switches, and if so, it will be indicated in the product description. 

However in most cases, the product will be sold as-is, as I choose the metal color that I feel best suits the piece!

Are all your products unworn upon selling?

Yes - 100% - all products are unworn upon selling. The jewelry you receive will always be brand new, unworn, and sanitary.

Are all your pieces one-of-a-kind? Will my product look exactly as pictured?

My favorite thing about the nature of clay jewelry is that no two pairs of earrings are ever the same! While I may sell multiple pairs of the same design, no two are exactly alike. For that reason, there may be some small differences from the one pictured, but stylistically, they will be the same.

If a product is stylistically one-of-a-kind (as in it's the only one of its design I plan to sell in that collection), it will be listed as so in the product description.

I placed two orders and was charged shipping twice. Will I get the second shipping charge refunded?

Yes, absolutely! Any customer who places multiple orders in the same drop will have the additional shipping cost(s) refunded back to their original payment method, since I will be shipping all products together unless instructed otherwise.

Please note that for unusually large orders, I may only issue a partial refund for the additional shipping cost(s) to account for additional packing supplies & postal  costs.  

What's your return policy?

All sales are final and I don't accept returns or exchanges.

What if my order gets lost in the mail?

If your order gets lost or stolen, I will do my absolute best to work with USPS to track and find your item, however I am not responsible for the package once it's in the hands of the mail carrier!

For those who want extra security with delivery, I now offer a signature confirmation add-on for an extra $4 in my shop! I recommend this option if you experience stolen packages (particularly around the holidays), if packages get left outside and not inside a mailroom/vestibule, or if you're placing an especially large order. 

Do you offer repairs?

Yes! I offer repair services free of charge within first year of purchase. The buyer is responsible for paying return shipping; shipping will be covered when sent back. Please reach out if needed.

For simple at-home fixes, you can read tips on my Jewelry Care page.

In the case that your piece is damaged in transit and arrives broken, I am more than happy to repair your item for free and cover shipping both ways - or, depending on the level of damage, offer a refund. 

Please note:

Due to the fact my products are made by hand, occasional faint fingerprints may appear, which is part of the nature (and charm, in my opinion!) of handsculpted jewelry. I do my best to minimize this, and assure that any that occur are faint and unnoticeable.

Please also note that pieces with clay-to-metal bonds are adhered with UV resin, which has a clear finish similar to glass. With certain designs, there is a small possibility that the resin may be visible on the back of the earrings, but never from the front. This is intentional, as an appropriate amount of resin is needed to "engulf" the metal to ensure a durable bond.

My jewelry is intended to make anyone and everyone feel beautiful. Crafted by Arielle products are for everyone, regardless of gender, shape, size, race, age or background. All are welcome in this community and I hope my jewelry makes you feel just as beautiful as you already are :)