Jewelry Care

By nature, polymer clay is durable, lightweight, and can withstand everyday wear - and is really a wonderful medium for jewelry. This said, there are tips you can practice that will extend the life of your jewelry and protect it from any damage. 

Below are my recommended care tips for your jewelry:
With studs, insert and remove them slowly and carefully - never forcefully. I recommend keeping and using the backs I ship them with, as I specifically choose ones that have a smooth push/pull as well as a snug and adjustable hold on the ear :) Never pull studs (or any earring) out by their stamens (if they have).

While I do my best to ensure all pieces are durable (you can read more about how on my FAQ page), in some instances, life happens and pieces can break - but don't fret! Super glue is an excellent fix for any clay-to-clay or clay-to-metal breakage. I personally recommend Loctite Super Glue or Krazy Glue. I'm more than happy to give application tips if needed :)

If you would like to send your piece back to me for a more permanent and stronger fix, I do free repairs within the first year of purchase. Please reach out to me if needed.

If you discover over time that your metal findings have tarnished, dulled, or become dirty from wear, I recommend Brilliant Jewelry Cleaner - they make a cleaner for silver as well as for gold and all other metal types. Please note that this cleaner is not intended for clay - you should remove the hardware first or carefully dip the hooks/posts in only.